Dr. Albert Lee is the president of Indiana Neurology Specialty Care, a healthcare facility based in Lafayette, Indiana. Serving as business owner, physician, and neurologist, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the practice and handles a full patient caseload. Educated at Queen's University in Belfast, Dr. Albert Lee has received an America's Top Physicians award every year since 2006.

A recent study conducted by University of Toronto found that adult men are three times as likely to suffer a stroke if their parents divorced before they, the adult men referenced in the study, turned 18 years old. The study's co-author, Angela Dalton, said the researchers eliminated patients from the study who had experienced family violence or had parents addicted to drugs or alcohol. They also adapted the study to account for factors such as education, income, health care coverage, and behaviors including exercise and smoking.

Scientists are still investigating to discover a reason for the findings, though they do point to an increase in hormones caused by stress as a likely candidate. Citing a process called biological imbedding, the scientists went on to say that the stress of their parents' divorce might have caused the men pinpointed in the study to handle stress differently for the rest of their lives. They recommended exercise of varying intensity such as swimming, jogging, and tennis to decrease the risk of stroke.

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