The recipient of America's Top Physicians Award for five consecutive years, Dr. Albert Lee has been treating patients as president of Indiana Neurology Specialty Care for more than two decades. As a board-certified neurologist, Dr. Albert Lee specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as headaches, sleep and movement disorders, and multiple sclerosis.

Here is a brief overview of a few ways to manage multiple sclerosis.

Eat a balanced diet - Eating a balanced diet promotes a healthy weight, healthy immune system, and better bone health, all of which can help to reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Exercise regularly - Regular physical activity such as swimming or walking benefits individuals who experience mild to moderate symptoms of multiple sclerosis by improving balance, coordination, muscle tone, and strength. Regular exercise also helps to reduce fatigue and stress.

Keep the body temperature cool - Keeping one’s body temperature cool can help to alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This can be done by drinking cold beverages and remaining in air-conditioned rooms.

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