According to a study done in April 2013 by a McGill University doctor in Montreal, REM sleep behavior disorder may be one of the earliest indicators of Parkinson's disease or dementia. Neurologist Dr. Albert Lee, whose office is located in Lafayette, Indiana, focuses primarily in headaches, multiple sclerosis, and sleep and movement disorders.

Dr. Ronald Postuma who works at McGill University presented his research to the American Academy of Neurology based upon his findings at the Mayo Clinic based in Minnesota. His research found that of the 172 patients who had REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) diagnosed before their death, 160 had synucleinopathies, which are a subgroup of neurological diseases that contain Lewy bodies. These Lewy bodies may cause dementia or Parkinson's. The findings confirm there is a risk that patients with RBD may develop neurodegenerative disease.

The president of Indiana Neurology Specialty Care, Dr. Albert Lee possesses professional membership in the British Medical Association, the American Academy of Neurology, and the Association of British Neurologists. The board-certified Dr. Lee contributes articles to several publications, including a piece he coauthored on microsurgery pertaining to posterior circulation aneurisms.


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